Parsha Pop Up

Welcome to Parsha Pop Up!

This is a Parsha teacher's dream come true ! 

You can now purchase Parsha Pop Up to use in your own classroom! Every week, the students create a new pop out card. They can then display it at their Shabbos table! Our objective is to provide a weekly Dvar Torah, presented in a creative, fun, meaningful,  and age appropriate way!

Students love it. They look forward to it all week. They ask their mothers to schedule appointments around the lesson! Parents love it. Their child is so excited and confident to share her Dvar Torah at the Shabbos table each week! Teachers love it. It’s a great, effortless activity and lesson that’s prepared for you! Printables, Dvar Torah, instructional videos, pictures, and 1 hour phone support are all included!

Since we are teachers, we’ve made it affordable. Hurry and purchase yours today to get the early bird special!

   The Popup Family